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Our Mission

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Realizing the full potential of  digital marketing specific to each customers needs — developing custom solutions designed to attract new customers — to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity resulting in revenue growth. website design company

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Our Start

The spring of 2020 saw the rise of a new company in need to fill an industry void created by Covid, and that was Reiner Leads. I had been working for the third largest healthcare provider in the U.S. for years when disaster struck with Corona Virus. It was then I noticed businesses suffering, and something needed to be done to help.

When the company was originally started it was just myself and my 25+ years of experience in sales and marketing. I had worked for some of the largest companies in the US, and my previous position was that of an East Coast Sales Manager. I’ve had the privilege of helping businesses from all over the world who have different needs and goals. My goal is to help you find your perfect solution, no matter what size company that may be.

Reiner Leads was originally focused on helping companies generate more leads. To do so, the firm would utilize a suite of tools to help businesses develop an online presence and acquire customers they might not be able to reach in their local, regional or national market. I have a passion for the digital world and want to help companies grow their online presence. I enjoy finding new ways of marketing, such as revamping websites, SEO work, social media management or email marketing and content creation. It’s been great being able to add talented team members who are excited about growing our customers business with me!

I am proud when we see positive outcomes – that means more success than ever before  for our clients.


– CEO, Andy Fladung

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About Us

Internship Program

The point of the internship program is to cultivate a continuous learning environment where the students can benefit in multiple areas of expertise. This includes deep dives into the various subject matter that they study in their classes and how to apply it in real world applications. We also introduce students to corporate culture by having them attend business meetings with our clients. We teach independence to our interns by assigning them real work and allowing them to complete it on their own time and in their own styles. We wish to supply them the tools and skills to make them a strong producer of solutions, with an additional emphasis on entrepreneurship and freelancing.

We work with local colleges in the Cincinnati area, such as Mount St. Joseph University, and Thomas More University. We accept an array of majors ranging from English, to Marketing, to Graphic Design and more.

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