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What We Do Best In Social Media Marketing

Drive up your audience engagements by utilizing our expertise with social ads.

Optimizing your social profiles is strategic to audience growth. Other strategies to consider may include, contest, relevant content, disclosing company insights and, connecting your business with industry social influencers.

Utilizing strategic ads to target your audience has been a proven method for driving engagement. Key factors that influence this strategy are, gender, age, location, historical interests and income level. 

One of the most challenging aspects of social media is staying engaged in up to date. Our team of experts help you achieve this by frequently releasing strong, relevant content to continue developing interest with your target audience. 

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Social media management consists of two parts. The first part involves identify which outlets best match your brand. Then we identify which sites best suites your brand and we help you manage them online.

Once the first two are completed, we work with you to create goals. This often includes frequency of updates, and relevant content to be included. Last but not least, yet important in meeting your business goals, we show examples of how using social media can generate leads and drive traffic to your website.

Interactive Campaigns often include, quizzes, contests, and chats. Photo and video contests highlighting your product or service are great tools for generating an action within your target audience. Twitter chats can also be useful when properly structured.



Social media management strategies

Social Media Advertising often times allows you to target an audience based on specifics such as demographics and interests. This allows you to hone in on social media users who represent a greater percentage of your target audience. We help you focus your efforts on penetrating the proper social media outlets in order to reach the correct audience.

Digital PR involves developing an interest in your business by creating a robust backlink profile. This is also important for boosting your Google ranking among search engine results, which creates an increase in your exposure. It’s important to understand where your market spends their time on social media so can get your business not only involved, but with the used of strong content, actually become authoritative.

Infographics is a collection of charts, imagery and some text that provides an overview of the topic, making it simple to understand. Our team of graphic designers set you up with an infographic relevant to your industry niche. We then distribute it to all the relevant social media outlets and identified social media influencers who then share with their audience.





Total number of social ad releases in 2020 by Reiner Leads


We work with our customers on developing goals, creating an image and locating where the target audience hangs out in social media. It’s critcal we gather data during this stage to ensure all parties on working towards the same goal. 


Once the goals are in place, we collaborating to develop your social media brand. We review the specifics, including; images, colors, tone, and more. This helps create a consistent theme and message across all social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Our team will work with the customer on identifying key outlets, and influencers to extend their marketing outreach. 

Website Optimization

In order for the brand to reach its target audience effectively, the social media construct must be optimized. Whether you require optimization for a website, blog, advertising or email communication tools, we can improve your online presence. 

Build Authority

By combining strategies and targeting key companies, market, audience, publication and influencers, we can help build your authority to help grow your market presence and business. 


We will work with you to advertise your businesses product or service online through the appropriate channels, building your community size, total reach and revenue. 


Social Media Marketing Process


1. Set Primary Goals


2. Create A Business Brand


3. Locate Outlets, Customers and Influencers


4. Optimize Website


5. Develop Influence


6. Brand Growth, Target Audience, Optimize

Prepare your future with value added reports

We provide every customer with all the reports containing key metrics to maintain a consistent, effective social media campaign designed to grow your business.

  • Number of likes
  • Number of posts
  • Number of clicks and shares
  • Top performing posts and videos
  • Gains and Losses on followers
  • Leads generated
  • Conversions
  • Ad expenditure totals
  • Revenue generated 

Why Is Social Media Needed In Today’s Economy?

Today’s technology offers many additonal channels when it comes to interacting with potential customers versus the newspaper and radio from years past. If your desire is to grow revenue, tapping in to these platforms will help you achieve your business goals.