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How IntecIT’s Website Performance Took Off One Month After SEO Updates and Redesign with the Help of Reiner Leads

The Goal

Review our SEO Case Study for IntecIT who was suffering from zero ranking but had no analytics with their previous website design of over 11 years. User experience, navigation, and page layout were major issues preventing them from achieving maximum results with their online traffic.

IntecIt’s goal was to gain online organic traffic while simplifying communication with their customers. This would be achieved by injecting the website with high quality SEO services, creating a user interface flow and one click communication capabilities to boost Google rankings, visibility, and customer communications.

The Strategy

We meticulously rebuilt IntecIT.com page by page; our strategy included the following:

Content and Image Editing

Editing and simplifying content for the visitor to provide valuable information while keeping them engaged with the website. We also created and added a series of new images that flowed with the content, moving the viewer toward taking action.

Page Organization

Ensuring that pages and sections are catagorized in an efficient and organized manner; strategically placing content, images, videos, and call-to-action elements which simplify the viewers’ engagement.

Creating and simplifying the website navigation tools and links to guide the visitor toward relevant resources on the website with ease. This includes the addition of call-to-action buttons linked to subscription and contact information, as well as offsite links.


Putting emphasis on maximizing search engine optimization by including high quality longtail keywords. We also added links toward valuable outside resources throughout the content (backlinks) and optimized image elements, such as alternative text, titles, and sizing.

Mobile Compatibility

In order to meet Google’s algorithm update in 2021 we optimized each page to improve speed, responsiveness, and overall mobile friendliness. We ensure that mobile interaction with the website delivers the same quality experience as the desktop format.

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Our company prides itself on excelling in website design; with competency in the modern trends, language, and aesthetic we improve your business visibility online and fortify the brand building process. Reiner Leads reached out to the Northern Kentucky managed service provider, IntecIT, to assist them in growing their business through our proven metrics-driven marketing and webdesign strategy. We began with a free audit of their website to identify its strengths and weakenesses.

The SEO Case Study Result

IntecIT was pleased with the results of the redesign process and the responsiveness of the Reiner Leads team.

One month after the redesign was completed, we ran another audit to track metric results. The SEO completed on the website increased their home page views by nearly 58% and began an upward trend of their total impressions by nearly 1-2k a month. Users were guided to the site by 167 unique search engine queries. IntecIT also gained 2 new customers. With all this taken into account, IntecIT’s first month following the updated website demonstrated the success we were confident in achieving.

image showing results of webdesign

If you are interested in finding successes similar to that of IntecIT, contact us today for a free website audit or to book an appointment. We are happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about growing your business and ROI through website design and SEO. Call today (513) 328-9743.