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Reiner leads is an email marketing agency that understands the value of our client’s investment. Our clients routinely tell us that their 1st party owned database of email subscribers is their most valuable investment. Additionally, our clients understand that the success of nearly all of their marketing campaigns relies on email to achieve positive ROI for those additional channels. Executing through email to persuade a conversion, retain customers, re-engage cold conversations and drive additional/repeat purchases are crucial to our customers’ businesses. Optimizations to these initiatives funnel additional dollars to future marketing and make additional channels viable.

Email Strategy and Audit

An email marketing audit can come to your rescue if you are facing any challenges or if you want to rediscover new opportunities with your email campaigns. It paves new avenues for you to try and test. Businesses usually prefer a quarterly email audit approach. However, if the number of emails that make up your strategy is too low, you can consider a half-yearly approach for the audit.

Email Campaign Management

The magic of email marketing and what it can do for your marketing strategy doesn’t happen all on its own. While we all know that it’s important to create drip campaigns that cater to your audiences’ needs and provide them with resources that will help them navigate toward a decision, content is only one piece of the puzzle. When it comes to your email campaign management, it’s to strategize beyond the basics, optimizing not just your content but the ways that you manage your campaigns from the inside out.

Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for marketing your business today, but it’s evolving. While newsletters and one-off campaigns will always have their place in your email marketing strategy, the smartest companies are starting to set up automatic email campaigns that trigger off of a user’s actions.

Email Template Production

Email templates give you and your team the gift of time, helping to produce campaigns faster and more efficiently since the underlying code is already written.

Instead of having to rewrite an entire email from scratch for every send, you can simply add copy, images, and links to an existing template before testing and sending it to your subscribers. Templates are one of the key tools used by successful email marketing teams to stay agile and scale their marketing efforts.

And, with the reduced effort, you have more time to focus on crafting better content and copy for your email campaigns or other innovative strategies that drive more results.

ESP Vendor Evaluation and Migration

We have a variety of ESPs to choose from when it comes time for you to purchase your system, but we know that not all are right fit: some may be more suited than others. As such, our team will research and identify three different vendors who match what’s required most closely before bringing them in-house so they can provide better service at lower costs!

The landscape of email marketing is vast and ever-changing. We utilize our experience with hundreds of ESPs and offer you a consultation to determine if your business needs an ESP migration.

Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is a problem for many businesses. Several factors can affect the outcome, such as phishing and spam complaints which cause your emails to be blacklisted or blocked by filters in an email client. But don’t let those problems keep you from achieving success! With these tips on how best to handle low open rates/deliverability (and other issues) we’ll help get every message delivered where it needs go – straight into people’s inboxes so they never miss out again!
Achieving high ROAS starts with strong sender reputation management: selecting domains carefully; avoiding words reserved only for special cases when choosing labels like “junk mail” etc., and making good decisions about which folder recipient should receive messages. 

Email Deliverability Diagnosis & Repair

The perfectly timed personalized email is worthless if it doesn’t reach your subscriber’s inbox. While all of DMi’s marketing efforts are designed to prevent inboxing concerns across the board, many of our clients have initially come to us looking for assistance resolving various levels of deliverability concerns.

We audit each impactful factor in deliverability:

  • Subject line optimizations
  • Preview text analysis
  • Link and tracking diagnostics
  • Loading speed
  • DMARC Implementation
  • Email rendering across email clients and devices
    (mobile and desktop)

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