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5 Tips to Boost Your Business with Digital Marketing in 2023

5 tips to boost your business with digital marketing in 2022

Nearly two years have passed since the beginning of a pandemic that we would see completely reshape and redefine the online marketplace. Many businesses and digital marketing strategists were forced to observe and reflect on the new and growing demands of their customers during that period of rapid change. 

One thing we are confident about is that many of these customer demands are not going away, but rather becoming the new status quo for the marketing world- and it is sparing no industry. Here are 5 tips that will keep your business above water and boost your digital marketing returns in the upcoming year.

1. SEO is Critical to Your Success

If you are already familiar with the field of digital marketing then you are probably already aware that SEO (search engine optimization) is fundamental in the process of creating successful digital marketing results. In 2023, this sentiment is even more reinforced as we watch many new blog, E-Commerce, and service sites go live to compete with the growing online world of business.

Your content is no good to anyone if it is buried under the weight of dozens or hundreds of competitors utilizing better SEO tools and strategies than you. In order to be seen you must keep on top of keyword trends and ensure that your interlinks are functional, and, more importantly- that your SEO strategy is ahead of the audience’s questions or demands. Using SEO as a way to create avenues for viewers to navigate will significantly improve the chances they will spend more time on your site finding what they need.

5 tips to boost your business with digital marketing in 2022

2. Learn to Love Generation Z

What’s good advice if it can’t be a little controversial? Despite the images that may pop into your head when you think of Gen Z-ers, whether it’s the Tik-Tok dances and trends or the sometimes haughty social media memes, we absolutely cannot deny their new dominating presence in the online marketplace. A growing portion of the generation are now adults; starting families, becoming business owners and workers, and creating impactful changes on how they view and interact with advertisement and business.

Recognizing Generation Z’s role in the changes of digital marketing and adapting to this important audience will keep your business from falling behind and targeting the wrong market. The best way to address this new generation of clients and customers is to understand their language, needs, and concerns in holistic ways. Ask yourself what kind of world does Gen Z see themself in and what products or services can you offer to accommodate that? What values or pains do they have and how can your brand relate or create solutions? This approach will help you tap into a largely growing market and keep the wheels of your business turning.


3. Social Media can Save or Break You

On October 4, 2021 Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp unexpectedly went down for several hours. While most users were merely aggravated that they could not access their accounts, businesses that relied solely on those platforms to market and promote their brands were put into a very anxiety inducing situation. Social media is an excellent tool for the extension of your digital presence, but you should not rely entirely on other business services to store and operate your marketing.

A surefire way to ensure that your materials are safe from unexpected crashes, shutdowns, or locked accounts is to centralize your marketing on your own channels. Having a good website that stores the same information that is put out on social media is the best approach for most business owners. Referring back to SEO, remember that using multiple links, platforms, and channels only helps your overall reach, but having a central website or channel will always serve as a home base for your campaign.


4. Let Your Customers Do the Talking For You

It is so important to recognize the power that customers have when navigating cyberspace. Their options are near limitless and the value of their time has skyrocketed under their expectations that online shopping and business should be quick and easy. Your marketing strategy should accommodate that expectation to its fullest. 

Much like a good cook’s dish, a digital marketer’s content should not only look good but be easily digestible. You don’t want to overspice your writing with useless and time wasting information, but you also don’t want to bore your audience with bland content that will not keep them engaged with your work. Understand your target audience and anticipate their user experience on your site and advertisements. Offer self-service options and create unique links and solutions for specific customer needs so that you do not need to pitch vague or generalized solutions and services to appeal to everyone- which will inevitably fail.


5. Relate and Connect, Don’t Pander

If you haven’t noticed yet, genuine communication has been at the core idea of these 5 tips. Digital marketing can be a bit like the work of a sociologist at times, attempting to understand and predict behavior of large groups of people. But if you are to be successful in these attempts you have to be able to relate and connect with your audiences, and they need to feel that reciprocated.

How many times have you been watching commercials or online advertisements that have made you cringe by their level of pandering to certain values or identities? So does most everyone else who watches. The modern consumer can typically spot insincerity and it can be detrimental to a brand’s campaign or image. The best way to approach this challenge is ensuring that your marketing campaigns and content are relatable to the pains and values of your audience through research and connection, not by assuming you are saying what they want to hear. This can sometimes be one of the most time consuming and difficult steps in the process, but the pay-off is rewarding for both the consumer and your business.


Final Thoughts

Digital marketing has never been a simple task, and as the world of online business continues to grow into 2023 it has become evident that there are tools and strategies we have to consider to remain on top. Remember that good research and good communication will always give you an advantage over the cookie-cutter solutions of the past. Let 2023 become the year of success for your digital marketing campaigns!