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SEO Strategies


1. Follow the Trends to Increase Google Traffic

Search engines rank websites in order of how often people click on them. So, being at the top of your industry’s search page can give you a huge advantage for getting easy Google traffic!

Page optimization is a key to success on Google’s first page of results for queries.
Focusing your efforts in the right places will give you better odds at landing high up among those who search!

Google Trends is a free service that gives digital marketers all kinds of information to use in their content creation and strategy preparation. There are two reports within Google Trends specifically important for increasing your SEO traffic, so make sure you pay attention to real-time searches and daily search.

Once you’ve created your new page and indexed it using some of the keywords that matter most to you, sit back. You’ll be happy with all those extra visitors!

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2. For Easy Google Traffic, Use Google Search Console

The benefits of using Google Search Console can be seen in the valuable insights it provides on how to get more traffic from a search.

The search engine Google can give you a lot of information about what people are searching for and where they go on your website. One way is to look at the Search Results Report under Performance Tab, which will often show page loads from specific keywords or phrases related in some way with that data point!

This is an excellent way to get customized Google traffic on your site. You won’t have trouble finding keywords that pertain directly to the content of what you’re writing, and with this list at hand there will be no need for guesswork or trial-and-error when it comes content strategy!

Google Search console

3. Analyze Past Content Click-Through Rates

Some of the most important information you can find in Google Search Console is a list of your click-through rates, broken down by page.

If utilized successfully this data will give insight into what content resonates with audiences and which should be adjusted or updated to better connect with them.

High click-through rates are often a clear indication that your website is doing what it needs for marketing. Start by looking at the pages on your site with high numbers and see how they differ from others in terms of design or content, then use this information to create effective adjustments elsewhere within your marketing plan if need-be.

You can boost your Google SEO traffic by incorporating what’s working on the pages with a high click-through rate into their titles and descriptions. Furthermore, add more popular keywords to page content so you’re drawing in those people who are searching for knowledge too.

You don’t have to do a lot of work for your online business, just update the titles and descriptions on any poorly performing pages. This will help get more traffic with little effort!

4. Google Question Hub: Content Marketing Ideas

Google has been a search engine for many years and still doesn’t know everything. So in this hub, you will find all of the questions that they have yet to answer.

The Google Question Hub is a nifty tool for content creators and digital marketers to help develop richer, more educational and improved tracking content. 

You can use the Question Hub to find questions that your audience is asking. Answer these specific inquiries on one of our pages and you will increase traffic for sure.

Once you have crafted an answer to each of the questions in Google’s hub, submit them for review. Make sure that your content answers these specific queries; if it doesn’t then they’ll simply mark this page as duplicated information from elsewhere online.

Finally, whenever your question is searched, Google will deliver the user to your website.  You can use this as an excellent opportunity for traffic and visibility.



For all of your Google SEO needs, don’t go without these tools. They’ll make the process easier and more efficient than ever before.

There are four strategies that will make any digital marketers life easier while improving their content:

  1. Analyze Google Trends to Create Winning Content
  2. Incorporate Google Search Console’s Insight
  3. Review Click-Through Rates of Past Content
  4. Locate Content Gaps with Google Question Hub

Google is constantly updating and improving their indexing system. While these strategies will work for every website, it may take longer to gain traction with Google if your site isn’t as established yet or has only recently launched.

For those of you who are wondering how to get more traffic from a Google search, here’s the secret:
– equip yourself with these strategies and some patience. You’ll be in that top spot on the search results page in no time!

Creating Direction

We develop messaging that connects with buyers interested in your specific services across different platforms. 

Keyword Research

Know the words and phrases of real searchers, determine which keywords to target, gauge demand for your products.

Optimize Your Site

We focus on the relevance of the textual elements of each page — the title tags, meta descriptions, headings, body content — to the keyword themes that searchers use.

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