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Identifying the right platform is critical. Once this has been determined, paid media can ensure your message reaches your target market. In order to execute this properly, you need the right tools for tracking campaigns. We identify the right tools that will also help develop a competitive strategy.
We often use a tool called SpyFu, which was designed to allow companies insight into their competitors. Whether you are researching your competitor’s average monthly spend, keywords they are using or how well their ads are performing, SpyFu provides the necessary data to help you put together a highly competitive campaign strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization is about two critical objectives, becoming visible and searchable online, and listing your company at the top of those searches. What makes this tricky is all the changes Google continues to input into their algorithms. We excel at staying up to date with these changes and incorporating them into each of our customers strategy.

The top rated tool we use is Moz. This tool provides excellent educational resources for maintaining SEO best practice principles, but also offers a full spectrum of SEO capabilities, from tracking desktop and mobile keyword ranking, to keeping users informed and up to date on all active keywords. Additional valuable date Moz provides is, keyword analysis, link building, sie audits, page insights along with search visbility scoring.

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With so many emails competing for your attention, it’s extremely important you optimize your messages so they stand out from the crowd. Great email marketing is about click-throughs and conversions, not open-rates. Market research has openly written hundreds of articles which we can prove, offering value is what gets emails opened.

Of all the email tools out there, we have found Mailchimp to be our choice. Mailchimp allows you to automate many aspects of email marketing with easy setup A/B split testing, simple premade templates, and a user-friendly designer, allowing you to focus on the strategy to better guarantee that your emails add value to the target audience. It’s easy to track using Mailchimp how successful your message was received at engaging the audience by using advanced segmentation for exact targeting, time zone distribution, and comparative analysis data reporting.



We understand your success is dependent on our ability to find and convert your ideal customer. In order to succeed, we have developed specific reporting tools demonstrating with clarity each campaign’s ROI.

Most social media platforms offer in-depth data analytic tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, and marketing tools such as Hootsuite. You can collect real-time data into interactive, dynamic dashboards using Google Data Studio, which collects up-to-date data from YouTube, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. The best part is their compatibility with multiple third-party data sources like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Twitter. The beauty of using Google Data Studio is the tool’s ability to offer customizable reports which are simple to filter and share.

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SEO is perfect at representing a sector of business that seems to be in constant change mode. This is why it’s critical to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing platforms. What this represents is a necessary commitment of resources to ensure you are ready to adapt to possible new skill requirements in order to boost your customers success.

There are several tools on the market to help with these changes such as LinkedIn Learning. They possess a knowledge database broken out into various sectors to ensure you are up-to-date on the latest, trends, technologies, and tools. edX is another site that offers Marketing Analytics Courses that help you stay on top of trending changes in marketing from some of the leading universities.

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